The importance of drug testing.

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Drug testing at work is probably the single most effective weapon we have against adult substance abuse. It is a proven, low cost strategy which identifies those needing help, reduces demand, cuts accidents and sick leave, improves attendance and increases productivity.

In 1987, a national testing laboratory, SmithKline Beecham, found that 18.1 percent of all workers tested had positive results. By 1997, that figure was down to 5.4 percent. Drug experts debate whether this means drug use has fallen, or drug abusers simply avoid employers that test and instead apply at firms that do not test. Either way, most HR and Safety professionals have found drug testing to be a valuable and cost-effective risk management tool.

Pre-employment drug testing programs can be set up with a minimal amount of effort. Firms that operate from a single location can turn to their local MEA Medical Clinic for tests. 

Most employers find that a drug-testing program will eliminate people with problem, and not good applicants. Drug tests for small to medium employers generally cost in the $50-$70.00 range, including collection of the sample, laboratory analysis, services of a Medial Review Officer, and communications of the results in the manner most convenient to the employer. Compared to the cost of even one employee with a substance abuse problem, most firms find eliminating the problem in the first place is well worth the time and money involved in a drug-testing program.

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FAA Proposes Civil Penalty Against Pemco World Air Services Jan 24, 2011 06:31 AM 

FAA is proposing a $170,000 civil penalty against Pemco World Air Services of Dothan, Ala., for allegedly failing to administer pre-employment drug tests for two individuals the company hired for safety-sensitive positions.    Find out more.