Why Drug Testing

The importance of drug testing.

Employer drug testing is probably the single most effective weapon we have against adult substance abuse. It is a proven, low cost strategy identifying those needing help, while at the same time reducing accidents and sick leave, and improving attendance and productivity.   Some insurance policies also offer discounts if you have “Drug Free Workplace” policies and procedures in place.

Pre-employment drug testing programs can be set up with a minimal amount of effort. Companies can use any of our convenient MEA Locations for testing or take advantage of our ability to set up locations nationwide.

Most employers find that by establishing and enforcing a drug and alcohol testing program, not only can they reduce the liability and risks that can be associated with employees that abuse illegal drugs, but they can also attract the employees that they desire.  Do drug abusers simply avoid employers that test and instead apply at firms that don’t?  It’s possible.  Either way, most HR and Safety professionals have found drug testing to be a valuable and cost-effective risk management tool. Drug testing charges include collection of the sample, testing at the laboratory, and MRO Review. Results can be sent via email, fax or regular mail.

Compared to the cost of even one employee with a substance abuse problem, most firms find eliminating the problem in the first place is well worth the time and money involved in a drug-testing program.

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